Thursday, 16 May 2013

So where were we?

March 2012.

The new plot, complete with yet more reeds.

But for some reason, I managed to convince myself  that because this one was 'nearer the river' that in fact, the drainage would be a tonne better - it turned out not. But i'll explain more later.  So after roping in mr husband again, it was soon strimmed:

After taking up the fence posts from the old plot and hammering them into the new plot, with advice I covered the plot to stop the reeds etc.. growing back through.
The shed that was taken from my father in laws garden went up on the easter weekend (thanks mr husband),  it looked a bit worse for wear and its held together with a good few nails and balancing on various bits of wood, because it was rotten, but its grand and it does the job.  And if after a bit of paint, a new roof (oh and note the horseshoe made by Boo (my daughter) and I) and a few bits and pieces it looks like new. 


June 2012.

The greenhouse went up soon after, next to the shed and I finally managed to get some things growing.  I had tomatoes - they were eaten by slugs, I had strawberries - they were eaten by the slugs, I had chillies - they get the picture! Everything in the greenhouse and the few plants that were out like the blue berries and peas well, everything was eaten by the nasty blighters and honestly it was so disheartening.  

August 2012.

I decided when I wanted the allotment I would get chickens (i also wanted goats ands pigs, but thankfully that idea went out the window!), so i bought and assembled the chicken coop next to the greenhouse:

It made sense to me to have all the buildings at the bottom of the plot, the only problem with this was the ground was becoming increasingly boggy.  We had so much rain that I was fighting a losing battle and i didnt think to take the plastic up, i just didn't want the reeds back!  In the end though the coop had to be moved upto the top of the plot even before i got the chickens because I couldn't have them rolling around in mud (maybe pigs would have been the better idea).

September 2012.

I got my hens!! I got two brahmas and a legbar/sussex, all point of lay and 'should be laying any day soon' the breeder said (liar!):

Though they were my hens, I was actually only allowed to name 1, Martha. Boo names the other two.  The Brahmas are Martha and Dolly (parton) and the sussex/legbar is Penny (rogers)! Its not the best picture, penny wouldnt stand still, she literally hates people, whilst the other two follow me everywhere.  

I ended up at the allotment every day eagerly looking for eggs, and my eagerness just turned to disappointment.  There were no eggs EVER!! That breeder had me for a fool!!!  

The bad weather had set in even more, i had finally taken the plastic up from the ground,  and the chickens were getting soaked.  I had to weatherproof the chicken coop to keep them warm and dry:

And now, i had to survey the damage the bad weather and plastic had caused the plot.

November 2012.

By November, the plot was flooded a big boggy flooded mess that you couldnt walk on without being knee deep in mud and your wellies getting stuck - that somehow needed draining.  And so begun the ditch digging:

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