Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lovely jubbly bank holiday busyness!

Its a been a hot, gorgeously sunny, very busy bank holiday!  Honestly, It's been great!!

(It should be noted that today my computer in on a go slow and it's taken me about an hour to do this post!)

I absolutely love crocheting, to the point were I'm actually struggling to put it down.  After finishing all the squares of one cushion I'm making, I decided to go for something a bit more challenging. So here was Saturdays plan:

get up early and go for a run
crochet for half an hour
have a bath
tidy house in preparation for family arriving for my nephews 2nd birthday
crochet a bit more
finish the day with supper with our lovely neighbours.

That was the plan, here's what actually happened:

So after a good two mile run on saturday I decided to start something new - another present for the big C this time for my 1 and a half year old 'niece'.  And I stumbled across this little gem over at ilovebuttonsbyemma :

Now I know what you're thinking 'she's only just managed a couple of granny squares' but once I got used to the different UK and US terminology I was away.  I made two the two giraffe arms (this took me about an hour and a half!) had a bath, decided to start on the horns.  Didn't manage the horns got very frustrated that I had to put my crochet down to 'entertain the family' (in the meantime my ever suffering mr husband tidied the entire house, whilst I did nothing other than play with a crochet needle and wool!) The family left, we went to the neighbours for supper (I took my crochet -  it's a good job they love me) decided to have a go at the head of the giraffe -  but that wasn't happening.  Anyway Boo and I came back at about 9:30 and I had another go and finally finished the head about 11ish that night whilst she was in bed and mr husband played his guitar.

Sundays plan:

have a lie in
have a rest from crocheting

Sundays reality:

I got up at 8:30 with one intention; I was going to do the ears and these bloomin' horns this morning if it absolutely killed me!!! Well I can very proudly say I did!  And here it is so far:

HOORAAAAH!!! The only problem is now I've run out of that wool! But by the by I'll get some.

The last bank holiday of the summer was glorious weather and it was spent on the allotment, strimming and having a general tidy up.  The grass is now in full growth and its so nice to see it in the lovely green colour it should be and not the big muddy mess it had been for so long:

My afternoon was finished off, by my cousin (whose daughter im making the giraffe for) knocking on my door with two big black bags at her feet containing.......:

(minus the sunflowers!)  So this should keep me busy for a while!!!!

And finally, you remember way at the beginning I told you it was my nephews birthdays this weekend? He is truly gorgeous, but maybe a I'm just biased! Either way I adore that kid.  So here is a picture of him at one of my favourite places:

Happy Birthday Jack Attack!! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A new hobby!

I know what you're thinking two posts in as many days - what is going on! Well I'm having a lazy day and it's a good job mr husband loves me, because I have a new hobby and it's the main reason for my lazy day:


Now years and years ago when my lovely nana died I got (amongst other things) her crocheting needles, to be honest I'm not sure why, I can only think I pestered my granddad until he gave in on the basis of 'but i'm going to learn'  Well after nearly 12 years of picking up and putting those needles down.  I've finally picked them up for good! Now as I was saying in my previous post, with the big C fast approaching homemade Christmas presents are the way forward, and about a month ago I thought 'wouldnt it be great if I could crochet some hat and scarves for Christmas.  Turns out crocheting is harder then I thought it would ever be, and not only that a lefty learning from a load of right handed you tube tutorials - the air has been blue and the crochet needles have been thrown several times across the room, with the dogs running for cover and not getting speared!!!

But Monday night, was the night.  The night that I WAS REFUSING TO GIVE UP!  Refusing to move from newly designated sewing/craft area in the house (another post, for another time, but basically I've lived under the stairs like Harry Potter) and I would watch you tube videos until I got it - because if there's anything about me.  I hate not being able to do something (apart from quantam physics, you can keep that for me), and so that what I did.  I sat and watched and crocheted and watched and unravelled and started again and again and....... but I can proudly say I FINALLY got it, granted it wasnt good but I got it:

All the while feeling very jealous of Helen over at a country grandma who has been very patient with me.  Though we've never 'met' she has been very encouraging and convinced me never to give up!

So now,obviously I am a professional crocheter (you only have to look at the above picture to prove it!), the skies the limit with  presents?  Well no, but I am in the the process of making some lovely cushions for my friend for the big C.  And that where today's lazy day has come in:

What more do I need? A Brew (i'd like to tell you its good but, its not I make an awful brew) wool, needles and my lovely nana (in spirit) oh and in between the squares I've made crocheted 11 little hearts and made some pretty twine bunting:


Monday, 19 August 2013

Busy as a Bee.

I've think I've met myself  a few times going round in a busy circle over this last couple of weeks.

First things first, Martha hen decided that at about day 16 she didn't want to sit on the eggs anymore.  I say eggs it ended up whittled down to one due to her either standing on them or eating them.  But she gave, she's back at the allotment now.  It was tricky because she had to be re-introduced by putting her back in the coop/house at night.  I was back down there first thing the next day and honestly, I dont know what i worried about, it was like she'd never left.

August has also been the month for birthdays.  Its been my brothers, a couple of nephews, one nieces and Boos, who turned 7! This involved a birthday sleepover last weekend with a bunch of screaming and dancing girls in my living room!

This weekend just gone was spent up in the lake district with my friend and Boo.  The lakes is one of the most beautiful parts of the country - it was a shame that it rained the entire time mind.  Here's a picture from the weekend, you can see how miserable the weather is and how choppy the sea was:

  And that brings me up to date to today, and as of today my car is broke and off the road.

To be honest, with everything that has been going on the last few weeks I haven't had any time to get to the allotment, which is a shame because i'm missing it.  I go because of the chooks but that is it.

Here though, are some photos that I've taken tonight:


The blueberries are taking their time ripening up this year

Poppy hen is growing every day

Lulu hen is laying bigger and bigger eggs everyday

Ah Boo's pumpkin, hopefully the colour will start turning soon, otherwise we will have a green halloween pumpkin in our window this year

Runner beans - I have no idea what to do with these?

Brussel Sprouts - note to self you do not need 8 brussel sprouts plants!!  They are massive and just getting bigger and bigger!

The onions are also coming on well

This last few weeks with all the birthdays has also hit home at just how expensive it is and that can only mean one thing - Christmas is coming! Im sorry to use the C word in August but I have.  I have started planning what to make who for this year to try and not noly cut the cost but to make it more personal.  I've asked my mum to knit me a lovely aran jumper rather than buying me something.  Im sick of the cost of season and the fact that people cant afford to live because of it, its too extreme and not how i want my friends and family to live.  So, expect a few posts coming up!!

And next weekend, well what a way to round up august - new hens are arriving!!! Two white leghorn rescue hens. yipeeee!!! At least I wont have to buy eggs for the christmas cakes this year!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Its been a while, but i've been so busy!

I've not been on the plot, I've been decorating Boo's room and I've been festivalling last weekend!!

And i've also been driving mr husband mad, with my new hobby - the ukulele! 

I got this last year and have only just really shown an interest in it.  I've joined a local group that meets once a month, and to be honest, I'm really enjoying learning something new, so much so I'm getting a new uke for my birthday this year.

Anyway, back to the usual.

Martha hen is on the 15th day of her eggs today.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure whats going to happen.  As you know there where 6 eggs under her and the night before I went to the festival, I decided to candle the eggs, thus dropping one on another - and cracking them! So then there were 4.

At about day 10 she seemed to get off the eggs maybe for about an hour they went really cold, so I thought maybe she'd given up, but then she got back on them and has been on them since.

This morning I went out and i gave her some scrambled egg and she had a little walk about and as she was off them, two of them are quite light in weight and a little warm the other two are quite dense and really warm.

I'm just leaving her to it and seeing how she gets on, come maybe day 25 if there is no show of chicks I'll take them out from underneath her and then decide what to do from there.