Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn days and darker nights.

I love the clock change - said no one ever!!! Eurgh! It messes with my chi!!! The getting up in the dark (having to drive a dodgy French made car with Dodgier electrics to work in the dark), the cold mornings and worst of all having to concede to giving yet more of my money to the energy companies!! No, probably the worst of all is the miserable feeling I seem to develop around this time of year, it drives me mad - quite literally.

But honestly the positives of this time of year far out way the negative. The gorgeous changes in colours:

Dark nights cozied in front of the fire under blankets, jumping in leaves, hats, scarf's and gloves, hot chocolate, winter stews, Halloween - these were last year's pumpkins by myself and miss boo:

Papa O assures me he's got us a great big pumpkin this year, which he's planning on bring over later this evening and this years party outfits are well underway to being made and bought.

So even though this season does mess with my head (and makes my dodgy French cars windows steam up at any given opportunity, thus having to use the air con button and using more fuel!) I still totally love October and Autumn!!! (And the happy pills help with my mood!)

Bye for now and happy planting!!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

It's been oh so long!!!!

The 22nd June was the last time I've posted, I do apologise. So much has happened, but in terms of the plot, not so much I'm sure about. I'll do a round up of where I left off and we'll go from there.

June saw scarecrow competitions:

And the start of a Level 1 British Sign Language course that I started! Oh, and endless hours of working.....

July saw, potential new plans in terms of my M.E. and being put on another waiting seems all good though. It also saw Papa O putting his shed on his allotment:

And Cambridge Folk Festival!! It was the 50th anniversary this year and it was fabulous! Oh, and endless hours of work.....oh, I nearly forgot, I also passed my first Sign Language Exam!

August saw Miss Boo turning 8!! Where those years have gone, I have no idea! August also saw a major for operation on my right foot, toes to be exact, i won't show  the foot, you've probably already seen it on Twitter!! But here I am two days after:

6 weeks of crutches, 8 weeks off work, no allotment, nothing... Sitting at home crocheting....oh, and taking full advantage of the fact I couldn't leave the house... Chalkboards were created:

Visitors, the kids and me get thorough enjoyment out of this, it's on the stairs in the hallway and people doodle as they are going past. If I'm honest I think Papa O gets the most enjoyment, theres always a random doodle I find when he's gone home.

September saw my birthday 34!! How!!!

Party feet!

And the arrival of the beautiful Cleo (wee cat):

She was found in a land rover yard, her mum is feral, honestly she's just a joy (not so much when you're trying to crochet!)

 September also saw the removal of the toe pins, the ditching of the crutches, and a looooong recovery time! (Its still going on!), and still no allotment!!! Papa O assures me everything is fine and has been making use of the planting space, planting radishes and swedes. Whilst I've been off, I've made good headway on my blanket of loveliness:

And I got to go the fabulous Yarndale festival with my walking stick!

I got some fabulous purchases including my favourite thing ever:

A light up crochet hook!!!!

And so for October, I still can't get to the allotment, I can't get my for in wellies and it's too wet to risk going in normal shoes. Papa O has stopped back the rhubarb apparently. I'm back at work, I've started some voluntary work with deaf children and I started my Level 2 British Sign Language! I have 2 more exams for level 1 which I'm aiming to do before Christmas!  The foot recovery is a long slow process, I still can't walk properly, the two toes don't bend, so I'm having to retrain them really. And a bit of sad news, last weekend the three home hens and Tallulah rabbit died overnight on the Saturday. We have no idea how or why but it means that Mimi rabbit now lives in the house.

So that's about it, I will keep up to date with the blog a bit more and I'm thinking of starting a new one for crochet!!

Happy planting xx