Saturday, 20 December 2014

tis the season for coughs and colds

I've been taken down, by the common cold!! Obviously my hypochondria clearly has it pegged as something else and I'm unlikely to make it 'til the new year, but in a nut shell, my germy child has been playing with her germy friends and given me the lurge!! I'm coughing like a beast and have a delightful little odour about me namely called eau du les vicksvapourub!  I've been off work for the last three days because its been that bad, yesterday however, I took advantage of feeling sorry for myself and crocheted these little boot cuff treats:

Give it another couple of days of self wollowing and pity I may have the gloves to match....

(Oh...the germy child was fine after about a day!)

Mimi the house rabbit is single handedly trying to ruin Christmas as well as my house. I could show you the photos of the damage she caused but it would be boring and you'd think I live in a hovel so here's a brief run down:

Christmas lights - one lot has been repaired - twice. The  tree lights eaten beyond repair...out of the colours red works.

Christmas tree - various branches have repeatedly pulled down and then put back on by the ever suffering Mr husband accompanied with various expletives and threats of rabbit stew.

Wallpaper - why would people put wall paper on the walls with a house rabbit.... Clearly according to a rabbit wallpaper shouldn't be on the walls

Net curtains - just eaten

Surround sound speaker wire - chewed - the right side now doesn't work, not good when a person with balance problems thinks they are on the starship enterprise and only the engines on the left are working.

Internet and TV wire - thankfully we caught her eating that one and repaired the damage before the internet was totally down.

Walls - turns out rabbit enjoy eating plaster!

I wouldn't mind she has chew toys that clearly don't taste as wires!

And now the plot.  Its sopping wet. This time of year is the worst because it doesn't have good drainage (even with drainage put in).  This weeks tasks are to put lots of sawdust down in the hen coop to dry it out.  Ive had to put pallets in one part, I don't want them standing in the mud.  The hens are winding down for winter so not many eggs.

A bit of a worrying moment when I went last week, the door was wide open!! I had boo with me, I immediately thought fox and how I didn't want an 8 year old witnessing er, chicken carnage (SORRY!) But no they were just mulling around the plot, quite happily pleased with themselves.  I don't know what had happened, it looked like someone had let them out but I can't think of would.

There are probably lots of things I should (could) be doing on the plot but to be honest, I tend to go, take my studies (I have my sign language exams in January) and just let the hens mull around and honestly, who would want to do that when you have views like to contend with:

Honestly, I sometimes think, the best thing you can do in life for your own sanity is sit, rest and take in the magnitude of your surroundings.

Next year (after my exams) I want to make a good go ofthe plot.  It starts with the fencing of the beds so the hens can't get in. Creating new smaller beds along to be side and getting planting plans and schedules in place.  I think we can all agree what with one thing and another, I've been pretty lax this year!!

Merry Christmas you lovely lot and happy planting (and eating!) Xxx

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