Sunday, 15 February 2015

garlics, beets and caulis

My week has been so busy! Monday, i nipped to the plot to top up food and water for the hens knowing that  Tuesday and Wednesday I was training for my new job. I travelled over to my brothers Monday night and came back Wednesday night. Thursday and Friday I was on catch up and meeting up with friends, so it was nice to go and potter on the allotment on Saturday for a couple hours, even though I was absolutely exhausted (1\2 a day of being man handled in physical intervention training and a 2 mile run on friday will do that to a girl)!

After consulting the growing wheel I decided planted up the garlic.

I never have any luck with garlic, I don't know why, but this year I have a new tactic, I'm growing it in trugs as opposed to the ground, maybe I'll have better luck this year!

So armed with dibber and ruler I set to work planting the cloves 4 inches apart 3 inches deep.

I've then given them a little water and put them outside under a piece of greenhouse plastic. They might not need it over read they like the frost but...

After that, I've planted up some caulis and beets in the propagators, as an experiment really. It said on the packets plant early spring outdoors. I've never grown beets ever and never cauli from seed so I thought I'd see how they get on and I've got more seeds if needed. I've weeded half a bed, the other half has leeks in and then picked some leeks for tea. Though still at time of blogging on Sunday night I've not used them! I'm thinking leek and potato soup!

Today I've made some headway on the greenhouse. By that I mean I've taken down the majority of the wire that was on there used for the rabbit run.  I'm going to use the wire to put around the rest of the beds on the plot.

This weeks jobs:

Play scheme!
Frame the raised beds with wire
Weed the rest of the beds
Get past a one and a half mile run without getting a new blister!! ( any tips?)

Bye for now & happy planting! Xx


  1. Leek and potato soup is one of my favourites! Sometimes running with 2 layers of socks can help reduce the friction that results in blisters. I like how you've added sleep into your job list :) Hope you have a good week.

  2. Thanks Tim! I'll try the two pairs of socks trick! Yep, I think sometimes your cfs/me brain just need to accept that sleep is an integral part of the week! Xx

    1. Fingers crossed - I hope the socks trick works for you. I totally agree regarding sleep - it would be awesome to get a solid night of sleep for once! :) x

    2. Oh tell me about it Tim! Yesterday I slept for 4 hours solid then back to bed for another 8 hours!!

    3. I hope your sleep is getting a bit better. How's the running going?

    4. Yeah I'm ok Tim, you? Sleep is good at the moment, there's a fine line between pacing and sleeping during the day!! Running is ok(ish) no blisters! Smothering the feet with Vaseline before I go out!! X

    5. Really impressed that you're running. I hope one day I'll be able to again. I did a half marathon about 9 months before the ME started. Glad that your sleep is good and hope it continues that way. :) x

    6. When were you diagnosed Tim?

    7. I was diagnosed last August, but it started in January 2012.

    8. Ah ok I was diagnosed in 2009, it started in 2007/8 after glandular fever...its been a long road and now I still feel it but I'm better at will get there..have you looked at dietary changes?

    9. My sister-in-law also has it and she's been very helpful with ideas. I'm open to advice though, if there's any you want to give me? :)

  3. I stay away from meat, not fish. I don't eat white bread, I try and stay away from sugar free and sweetener. It drives me mad but I feel better when I cut them out xx

    1. Thanks, it's nice to know we're doing the same things x


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