Monday, 1 February 2016

This week has seen the storm gertrude (why they give them names i don't know?!) and it saw my car give up the will to live - on the motorway - at 7:15 in the morning - on the way to work! Whilst relying on lifts from my wonderful family and friends I'm developing thighs of steel walking everywhere with storm Gertrude keeping me company, at least its not raining (at time of writing, that'll no doubt change), and sometimes its nice isn't it to get out into the fresh air, frankly, there's nothing that a pair of walking/running shoes, an ipod and a warm coat (if needed) can't cure in my opinion!

Over on the allotment it has been about getting the plot ready for the better weather and planting.

I would love to be one of those people who can offer you a lovely colourful, arty sketch of what will be planted where this year, but thats not going to happen, my creative bones will not allow me produce anything that doesn't look like its been done by a three year old who's had far too much sugar.

I do enjoy planning where things will go, but honestly, I'm always also very ambitious because, I invariable forget when I should plant things, plant too early, or just don't have time to do it. This year though it'll be different! This year I'll have to help of mr husband; who had promised me he'll come down and help on the plot more (at this point I'm sure you can here the 'yeah right, whatever').

So this weeks jobs:

I've covered a couple of beds to kill a few weeds, as well as pulled up old plants, though last years artichokes I've left for now, as I'm unsure how long they're normally in the ground for:

I've doubled up two beds and will make a start on getting it ready for (hopefully) this years carrots:

I've also asked papa o to help me prune the gooseberry bush:

It's looking rather untidy and I've never pruned it hence needing the help of papa o

I also had a go at wet felting this week (stuck in on a rainy day), I've decided to make some bunting for the shed:

I tell you what, its quite hard work!! There's a lot of rolling and turning and rolling and turning get it. But in the end I came up with this:

now its not the best felting, I need more practice because the fibres haven't been weaved together properly but then my mum had the best idea - needle felt the bunting flags as well!!!

It will look lovely in my shed!

I'm hoping this year to paint the outside of the shed, its need of some TLC:

It been on the allotment now going on 4 years and before that it wad in my father in laws garden at least 10 years! Its starting to look a bit bedraggled! The shed painting will have to wait for a longer, warmer, drier day though!

All in all progress is slowly being made, and hopefully in time for the spring.

So, bye for now and happy planting. Xx


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