Saturday, 22 June 2013

How high can a carrot fly, fly?

My computer had been hijacked!! By some advertising, I don't know what but Mr Husband had to sort it for me (he was in his element).

So how high can a carrot fly, fly? It a serious question.  I've recently found out if you plant your carrots in the ground they are likely to be attacked by carrot fly and therefore, unusable. 

(source: RHS)

What I didn't know up until now is that carrot fly also effects other root plants too like parsnips and celeriac (to name a couple)

If you have to/want to put your carrots in the ground then you can cover them carrot fly mesh which is one solution, but a carrot fly can only fly to height of two foot.  

I heard this a couple of years ago, on a tv programme about allotmenting,and the gentleman who has speaking had a good few hints and tips about owning an allotment (I wish I could remember the name of it) but one of those tips was plant your carrots higher than two foot!!

So this week, the carrots have been planted in a high sided container, next to the rhubarb.  Now I know what your thinking that isn't two foot high?  No its not but is all I had but i figure with the use of some cut up railway sleepers it'll be high enough, or I might just put some kind of plastic around the top to make it two foot.

(Now let me take this opportunity to say, don't take the above as sound advice we all know that I do not know what I'm doing!! So take it on board and research it for yourselves).

I've also had the chance this week to plant some tomatoes up.  I've decided to go for upside down planting this year seen as planting them the right way up only encouraged slugs last year! 

You can just see the potatoes underneath

This week also saw the first time all the chickens were out together.  The chicks are now 13 weeks old and when they reach 18 weeks they will be going in the big pen with the big hens so it's a good time for them to start getting used to each other when I'm there:

It went well for about 5 minutes!  The Brahmas and Penny seemed to accept them ok, the ex-batts on the other hand, they need a bout more encouragement to be nice - with a water pistol! We'll try again next week! 


  1. Hi Deb
    Here I am !!!! reading your lovely blog and it really is ! Your advise on planting carrots is correct and works ! The older more experienced plot holders where I am all swear by making high sides with polythene around their carrots and have no damage whatsoever . Also there is a certain time of the year when its safe to sow the carrot seed as the carrot fly aren't around. Not sure when it is though.

    I'm so envious of your chickens, I'd love some but couldn't find the time to get up to the plot every day to look after them.

    Thanks for missing my posts by the way ! I appreciate that. I tried to add myself as a follower but couldn't sign in with my yahoo, I'll try again tomorrow.
    Take care xx

    1. Thanks Maureen xx you need to blogging again xx