Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Two months later...

I know I haven't been around but i do have a good excuse!! And this could potentially turn into a mega long post!

If you are a reader you will know that this year around august time I learned to crochet and not long after that I decided that this year would be the year for homemade Christmas.  As of the 3rd of Decmeber, I do still have a few more bits to do for presents and it has been hard  (and ive turned into a right activist when it comes to big shops and capitalism, but thats not for now!) but it has been immensley rewarding and in a lot of ways cheaper.

When I first set out on project homemade christmas it wasnt necassarily about how cheap i could do it, it was about bringing it back to a level that was less commercialised and rather than thinking what 'tat' or impersonal presents I could get on a 3 for 2 bargain because I had limited myself to so much per present previously, what could I make that someone would treasure.

Now obviously this is A LOT easier to do if you dont work and have a huusband who lets you basically get away with murder and a creative mind (though i do believe everyone has a creative mind) and resources.

And so it began.  And this is where I have been, sat under the stairs (MY place in the house):

(This picture was taken before all the mess,  I wont show you what it looks like at the moment you'd be very ashamed!)

Over the last two months I have crocheted, wool for teddies and hat & glove sets, I have crocheted silver for jewellery.  I have surrounded my self with various bits of paper for paper crafts.  The sewing machine has been in and out of its cover more times I could ever imagine, but do you know what?  I have loved every single minute of it!! It has been a real opener as what can be achieved for not a lot of money.  On some items it has been more money (like £13 for a mug), but the end product was a personalised mug that I painted and the opportunity to support local business.

So thats it for now but over the next few days I will post some pictures of homemade christmas items that have been crafted. xx

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