Saturday, 1 February 2014

the winter months

The problem with blogging about an allotment in the winter months is that nothing goes on! Well nothing goes on, on my allotment.  Is that a good for enough excuse for my absence? I didn't think so!

My life is so much more about the allotment so here's a little round up to get back on track.

Home: I'm currently working on getting more organised, you know the things like monthly car checks, daily/weekly financial checks, keep on top of paperwork, keeping the housework up to date (that last one will go to my grave with me, my house is NEVER tidy!!).  But the thing is when I start my new job soon I want to be a little bit better with householdy things.  I know it will last until the summer months when the only thing that will be remotely organised is my allotment shed and my car will be a disgraceful mess of mud and chickeny smells!!

I've also been trying to master making bread.  I've been watching 'the big bread experiment' in awe, I wish I could make good bread, I wish I could be one of those people who make bread everyday from scratch not having to buy it, but I'm not the best at it, and the fact I don't eat white bread only makes the situation worse because it smells divine!!!

This year if anything in our household I would like to be more frugal or at least more food, waste and money aware, because we are not.

The pets: we have a new addition to the house meet Arthur:

He is my stepsons Christmas present!! So as well as him, we also have the rabbits in the house at the moment too, because their run is too wet for them to be in, and its far too cold for them to be outside.  So we have a zoo living indoors at the moment!

The allotment: it has rained a ridiculous amount, not as much as down south mind.  The drainage system installed last winter has done its job and the plot isn't flooded, the path to the plot is, but not the plot!  I have been there letting the chickens out etc...but not much more.  One of the problems I had last year was the grass growing in between the beds. at the time I was convinced that I would be able to just strim in between the raised beds but honestly, doing that on a weekly basis was hard. So on the rare days where there is some sunshine I'm trying to move the beds so that I'm able to get a mower down the paths in the summer. It's a hard job to do the beds are 12x4 foot each and mostly filled.
I'm also in the process of deciding what to plant this year to get the most of the plot.

If I'm honest, I'm more than looking forward to getting back down there and getting stuck in - partly so I gave a good excuse to not do the housework!!


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