Monday, 17 February 2014

Storm damage

I have to say there's nothing worse than that feeling getting up the day after the storms and hoping your chicken house hasn't been turned into match sticks!!

Well actually, to be fair there's probably a lot worse! I'm so very thankful I don't live where the worst of the flooding and storms are at the moment.

I've been thinking about what I can do to help being so far away and really there isn't a lot.

Thankfully, everything was still standing on thursday when I got to the allotment, the devil clearly looked after his own that night ;-). My small summerhouse however, that someone had given me had taken a good hit.  It was on its roof half hanging over the fencing. but to be honest I half expected that to go, there was nothing in it weighing it down.  I'm going to go tomorrow (if the weather is ok) and hopefully see what (if anything) can be salvaged from it.

On another note, I need to get into the habit of taking my camera where ever I go! As I'm sat here typing this, I realise yet again I have no pictures to show you - how rubbish is that! See what tends to happen in the winter months is, I park my car up, get my wellies and waterproofs on and take my keys, leaving my worldly possessions on the car including my phone, go do what I need to do then come home,because its absolutely freezing!

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe as they can be, 'til next time.


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