Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Very Productive Weekend..

..which frankly would not have been as productive if I hadn't had the help of my wonderful family!! On Saturday Papa O and Tracy finished putting the new chicken pen for me, I'd like to say with me - but I actually didn't do much other than making brews and trying to straighten out the weather vane on the top of the shed with about 10 roofing nails!   For the record its now straight!

Saturday afternoon, Duck (AKA mum) helped me go get some new hens!! I drove over to Lucky Hens in Wigan for the first time with ducks direction (I have an aversion to Motorways, so the A roads it was!)

So here's Saturdays round up in Pictures:

The new Pen has added another 6x6x6 foot onto the existing chicken run.  There are now three seperate pens that have access pop holes that can either be open or closed depending if some hens need segregating.
Spot two of the newbies?  Im getting to them in a minute!

And here we have four new hens (now when you look at the picture, don't think they live in an old kitchen cupboard, because they dont!):

Here we have Flora, Freida, Frankie and Fern.  It's not their best picture, but they wouldn't stand still!  They are currently living out in the back in the secure walk in rabbit run, just until I can get their strength up a bit and then they will go down to the allotment.

This little lady below (Fern) is turning out to be a right character!  Last night I was having a little snooze on the couch (before the kids sleepover started - thats another story!) and I could here knocking.  I looked out the window and there she was knocking on the window to come in!! I have no idea how she'd got out the run!  After a good 5-10 minutes of chasing her around the decking I caught her and put her back in! 

As I said I got them from Lucky Hens in Wigan, you can find them here: Lucky Hens If you're thinking of getting hens, then honestly rescue hens are undoubtedly the way forward.  The difference that a free range home can make is unbelievable.  I'm going to blog more about Lucky Hens in this next week when I can get dedicate a full post to them and I'm going to add a link to their page on here.

Last night was finished off with a well deserved glass of wine (or three) and staying up until 2 to make sure the clocks changed.

And so to today,  I got up checked the girls, we had two eggs.  One a complete softie and the other a hard but thin shell, so I'll add shell to their diet to see if we can get those shells a bit harder.  I had intended to take all four to the allotment today for a mooch in their new pen, but  I couldn't catch two of them and rather than causing them any distress they stayed at home whilst two came with me.  So here are Fern and Flora in their new pen:

Babs, one of the other ex-batts that I got last year decided that she'd try and have a go at Fern through the bars, and failed not only miserably but quite warily.  I don't think she realised just what she'd taken on!

I also had the pleasure of Miss Boo's company today, a rarity in itself.  She happily enjoyed colouring in the shed:

As well as planting pumpkins (trying to explain to a defiant 7 year old that its a bit too early to plant out pumpkins was useless, so we planted two in the soil and brought two home in pots, if need be I'll have to replace the outdoor pumpkins with the potted ones):

And now, even though I'm overjoyed at all of the above, the main progress is coming up!  As you may know I've been in the process of trying to move the raised beds to be able to get a mower in between them.  I managed two beds in about three hours about 7 weeks ago and was on my walking stick for a good week after!

Anyway, today I had help from my wonderful, wonderful cousin Marc, who moved all the beds for me!! I'd love to tell you I helped but I'd be lying!  And so the beds are moved and re-filled ready for the new planting season:

I honestly couldnt have managed without him!!

So there we have it!  A jam packed, very sunny, very productive weekend.

bye for now xx

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