Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Look Blog!

Honestly, I hate technology.  Tonight at 6 pm I thought about finally having a go at updating the blog - I've just finished!!

I've never quite got round to telling you that Mr Husband is a computery geek, that's his job.  And he loves nothing more than computery talk, which I have no understanding of but try and look like I do anyway.  He also loves a computer game or 10!

He has his own PC and I usually blog on my little netbook, which frankly you have to treat it as you would an old hippy.  You know that it'll eventually get there but in its own good time.  Even as it's loading up you can almost here it telling you to 'slow down and chill out man, what's the rush?'

So as Mr husband was late back from work, I thought I'd use his one point I nearly threw the mouse across the room!  He came home and spent 15 minutes doing something that I'd been trying to do for an hour and he threw in a few computer nerd jokes on the way  - apparently, it turns out there is an 'any' key on the keyboard (he let me look for that for a good 30 seconds!)

So here it is 'New look' blog!  I hope you like it?

Bye for now xx

1 comment:

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