Sunday, 27 April 2014

An April Plot Round Up & The Garden

I'm going to apologize in advance, it's going to be a long post!

The end of April is pretty much here and it's been a rather productive month (and when I say that, I mean for me, because I'm so lax when it comes to planting stuff.  I see other allotments around me and I'm way behind, but equally - I'm not that bothered either,  I'm happy to go about it in my own time).

The potatoes are now in the bags - planted up by Miss Boo - she got more soil on the floor than in the bags to be fair!

She also decided to plant up Pansies as well as sunflowers in tubs for either side of the shed:

And some pansies on the 'window box' on the chicken run:

I've also got the garlic planted.  My garlic didn't too well last year, I'm not really sure why, and to be honest I wasn't going to bother with them this year but decided there was no harm in trying:

And I must say they aren't doing too badly (so far!).  I took this picture today:

The onions are coming up slowly but surely, despite the fact that Boo was digging today and was so excited she'd found something - yes it was an onion! (Honestly between her and the hens!)

Today I've been to the plot and I planted up the peas that had grown in the windowsill propagator that Mr B planted a few weeks ago:

Even though I've had the plot a good couple of years now, when it comes to planting I still have now idea as to what to do and so I arm myself with the following:

The dibber
The age old ruler
The trowel
& The Essential Allotment Guide by John Harrison

Honestly now, this book is great it tells you everything you need to know and I have found it invaluable.  (No, I don't know John, I've never met him, he's isn't paying me to say this)

So firstly, the peas needed splitting:

It's not difficult to do but you have to be light fingered and gently prize them apart without damaging the roots:  (Thanks Boo for the good camera skills!)

Then they need planting 4 inches apart (great for practicing times tables on the plot - for Boo not me!)

(It's when she takes pictures like this without me knowing that I realise I seriously need to do something about my overactive pie-arm!!)

A good water, make sure then hens cant get them and they should be fine.  Ideally I would have covered them with small cloches just for now, but don't have any - maybe I wont have pea plants come tomorrow thanks to the slugs!  We shall see.

Now to the garden, I'm always so envious of those who have nice gardens,  for all the work I put in on the plot, the garden I just can't be bothered with.  And then , when I do bother the dog normally wrecks it!  For example, last weekend he completely trashed my Clematis running at the fence!!  This year however, I'm going to try and make a conscience effort to have a nice garden.

Today I've planted some sweet peas along the fence, an apple tree and two more Clematis, in a pot just to the left of it (with a bit of luck if the dog runs at it, he'll knock himself out!).  I've also got some wildflower seeds to plant up as well:

I've bought lots of herbs over the last few weeks in order to make Mr Husband a herb garden,  originally I was going to put them in the front, we have a huge Acer tree out there which is just taking over and the herbs wont get enough light, so over the next few weeks I'm going to put them out the back in tubs.

Here is Sargent Tazbo (the bad ass cat who needs an ASBO) looking all pleasant and cute (HE IS NOT!) next to one of the new Lavender plants:

I also have some night scented stocks to plant up and around maybe the back window, I'll have to check the best position to put them. 

And finally,  the hens are still at home, having a great time and I'm not going to lie,  I'm going to really miss them when they have to go to the plot.  They are currently living in with rabbits outside in the big run, but when I'm home and the door is open they roam around the garden with the dogs keeping guard for any unwanted cat visitors.  As you  can see they quite happily come into the house:

And drink out of the water feature:

Bye for now & happy planting Xx


  1. I love reading your blog and it sounds like you've been very busy! Thanks for the pea tips, I really should sort out mine soon! I've been wanting chickens gpfor a long while, maybe it will happen this year!?

    1. Ah thanks!! You should get some hens they're great and very easy to keep! Xx