Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Busyness!

Genuinely thought it was Sunday! 

Howdy people!! Have you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend?? Mine has been massively busy Friday consisted of working the morning and egg collecting at the plot in the afternoon.  The chickens are now paying for themselves: 

Friday night consisted of the most delicious curry, out with lovely friends and topped off with acting the maggot in my gorgeous nephews toy corner:

(Note that's a Minion in the toy corner and NOT my Nephew - in case you where slightly confused!)

Saturday I spent sometime on the plot planting up some Swiss Chard, which I've had in little pots since last autumn, if I'm honest I actually stumbled across them, I had forgotten I had them.  There's five little plants in total:

I also planted some Purple Sprouting Broccoli.  I think I may have to stake these at some point to stop them toppling over:

The Gooseberries are really coming on on the plot.  They were transplanted down there last year from my garden and so they didn't give off any fruit last year - maybe they were getting themselves established?   But this year they look like I'll get the best harvest off them yet:

I picked yet more Rhubarb (honestly there's only so much Rhubarb one family can handle (!), but with the latest pick I'm planning on making a Rhubarb Tart for a party next weekend and some lovely Rhubarb syrup.  You can find this recipe and lots of other topics of loveliness over at

On Saturday evening I spent some lovely time in the garden with 'Frankie Home Hen' sat on my knee, just chillin'.  She seems to have really bonded with me, more than the other really (psst don't tell Mr husband, but the home hens aren't going to the allotment!)

Sunday, was all about family time, and we had a lovely day.  We went to local Nature Reserve called Brockholes. It really is fabulous here and I'm so annoyed I forgot to take my camera!! They had scarecrow festival on this weekend, which had a two and a half mile Scarecrow Trail.  It takes you around the reserve and into the woods:

And they have the most fabulous visitors centre and restaurant that floats on water!! You can sit and have your lunch on water!  The visitors centre has lots of educational activities for children to take part in as well as some videos and information of the animals that live within the reserve.   There have various nature trails (some with hides on, for you to watch the wildlife) all different lengths and the paths all seem to be accessible for prams and wheelchairs.  It's fabulously priced, educational and there's something for everyone.  The kids mostly enjoyed the climbing forest areas as well as the gravel quarry and the zip wire (in fact I think Mr Husband enjoyed the zip wire a little bit more!)   Honestly if you ever get the chance to go then do.  You wont be disappointed!

And so to today, well the Peas have been nibbled.  I knew they would, not badly mind but somethings had a good munch on them!  I was talking to Allotment Nigel about how I could possibly win the award for cr*pest allotmenteer 2014.  He however, had a solution that he uses:

Take plastic bottles:

Saw off the ends:


And put over the Peas until they are a little bit more established:

In other news, Boo was more than excited that her sunflowers are growing:

 And here is one of my favourite pictures of the week, taken in my back garden on the apple tree:

Bye for now and Happy Planting. Xx

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