Sunday, 22 June 2014

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Hello you lovely lot!! How are we all doing??

So I've been nominated for the above award by (I cant believe through the powers of social media I don't know real names!!) haptonmeadow, which frankly, amazes me, because it still amuses me that people still read about 'a northern lass who hasn't got a clue of what to do'!!  So thank you very much.

I apparently have to nominate 15 others people and their blogs, which is going to be tricky because im not even sure I read that many blogs!!  Before I do however, I must say there are so many people who I am in contact with on Twitter on a regular basis who though they don't have blogs, sometimes their twitter feeds are like mini blogs.  But anyway, here goes:

1.  Gnowangerup Cottage

2. lavenderandleeks 

3. lottielandgirl 

4. plot16

5. gagiesgreatgardenadventure

6. maddisallotment

7. countryskillsblog

8. allotment65

9. talesofmrsh

10. attic24

11. realmensow

12. flightplot

13. losttheplot235

So... I managed 13.

Next apparently I have to tell you 7 things about myself:

1.  I have personal space issues - my friends sent me this picture to try and put on a t-shirt:

2.  I am a trained hairdresser - but due to reason number 1 I don't go near hair or people (It wasn't my best career path choice)

3.  I have a terrible potty mouth,  thankfully the children know never ever to swear and don't copy me!

4.  I play the ukulele - not well but I play it!  (here is a little rendition for you, if you get to the end of it you'll notice point number 3 above come into play):

5.  I have 5 tattoos  they can all be covered, you'd never know I had them.

6.  I'm 33 and I have a dolls house that I wont let my 7 year old daughter anywhere near! 

7.  and Mr husband is my one and only. He is my kiteflyer who keeps me grounded when my head is flighting around in the clouds. He brought me back from the ashes of bad times and I love that man beyond words (you may now be sick if you wish):

Bye for now & happy planting xx


  1. Thank you for nominating me. - I haven't posted for a bit and this is going to kick start me back - you have a lovely blog !! Ps I have really enjoyed reading

  2. Your seven things about you

  3. Your welcome and thank you!!

  4. Thanks for nominating me for this award. I've mentioned it in today's post 'Vegetables, butterflies and an award' where as you'll see I will be doing a post about it sometime soon.
    It's always nice to learn a bit more about online friends. Flighty xx

    1. Your welcome i enjoy your blog, i learn stuff from it!! Xx

  5. Hi, pleased to meet you :) I came via Flighty's blog. Always good to meet another Northener :) I think I may recognise theb beach in your photo - where is it?