Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Apologies...

..It's ages since I've posted!!  I do apologies,  I cant even really give a good enough excuse other than I've been mega busy with work or sleeping because I've been mega busy.

Anyway, here we go.  Honestly, the allotment at the moment, sometimes in the summer its like fighting a losing battle it was, until last weekend a big overgrown mess, with an allotment owner who was too tired to do anything, other than sit and watch the hens.  I'm really only managing to get down there at the weekends, i go down during the week to sort then hens out but other than being a place for the hens its a nothing at the moment.  Last year, I sectioned off all my plants so the hens couldn't get to them but this year, a combination of working and M.E has just meant that I haven't had the energy to do anything.  (I know what you're thinking - suck it up and get on with it! - its what i'm thinking too!).  So last weekend I went down to the allotment and who did I find?  Papa O and Tracy (my stepmum),  Papa O was working on his Tracy was cutting the grass on mine:

And I'm pleased to report it looking much better:

So here we go:

After transporting the blueberry bush down there last year and not getting anything off it,  this year, its doing great!:

The Gooseberry bush is full of fruits, to the point where I actually managed to pick some a couple of weeks ago, and some Rhubarb:

And I made the most delicious rhubarb and gooseberry tart (which frankly looked like a big pile of jewels!):

(thats a great picture isnt it!)

The tomatoes are starting to flower:

And the peas are getting bigger:

I have so many strawberries its unbelievable!!:

Especially when I'm putting the hens away I find Martha missing and she in the Strawberry patch:


And tonight I even got my first strawberry (I ate it before I told anyone!):

At home the home hens are getting cheeky they have no taken to flying on to shoulders as Mr husband found out on Saturday:

The next photo pretty much summed up my weekend 
(hens and wine!):

And finally, my latest creation - Buxom Betty for Papa O's village scarecrow competition:

 I promise not to leave it so long next time!  I have a (too) long awaited appointment with the M.E service in Liverpool at the beginning of July hopefully I'll get some answers.

Bye for now and happy planting xx


  1. Finally! I can't seem to have success with my blueberries, any tips?

    1. Two plants, they produce off each other -apparently