Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 2 of Mrs Martha Hen's Egg Hatching Adventure

I'm not sure about where you are in the world but here in Lancashire, the temperature seems to have cooled down, thankfully!

We're on day 2 of Mrs Martha Hen's Egg Hatching Adventure and I must say she's taken to her mothering duties very seriously:

In fact, she doesn't move off those eggs, not to eat or drink.  I've had to put water and food right in front of her so she can reach them whilst led down.  I've also had to section her off, from the rabbits who not only like to sit on top of her box she's sat in and peer down at her, they like to also eat her food!

Today though, I've taken her off the eggs, picked her up and literally had to throw her so she would flap her wings and land on her feet so that she would go and have a walk around and have a well deserved and by the looks of it enjoyed dust bath!  I also wanted to check she hadn't smashed any of her eggs,  she was off them for all of 5 minutes then I put her back in and she got back on them.

In fact, the only issue with the egg hatching adventure so far, is trying to explain to an extremely over excited 6 year old, that we WILL NOT be keeping all of the chicks!! xx


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  1. The best thing is to take her off twice a day, not only for food, drink and exercise but also so she can poo. She won't foul the nest, she'd rather hang on! She'll make her own way back and the closer it gets to hatching time, the quicker she will return.