Sunday, 7 July 2013

The sun is shining

It turns out the chicken proofing of the plants worked well - for about 5 weeks, until the plants grew too big for the hoop and net system! Now the growth is being restricted.  So this weekend I've had to rethink the system and honestly i don't know why i just didn't do this in the first place.  I've ended up putting canes around the beds and attaching netting to that creating a wall like barrier so the chickens cant get in.  The only down side of this is if i want to weed the beds i have to climb into them but i deal with that when it happens.

Last weekend on the allotment we had a community day.  It was really lovely actually we all (I say all, but it was some of us) got together and the allotment community shed and had a plant and seed swap.  A few people made some food and it's so nice to have community down there with like minded people where you can get and share advice.

This weekend the weather has taken a turn and it's just glorious!! The downside to this being the plants are so dry and thirsty, but its a small price to pay.  I got my first ever courgette this weekend too! And Boo picked a couple of strawberries from her bed.

We also planted an apple tree:

And most importantly we've lifted a fair few flag and put then around the chicken pen to stop mr fox from getting in!!

I'm hoping to take my camera over in the next few days so i'll get some good pictures xx

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