Friday, 2 August 2013

Its been a while, but i've been so busy!

I've not been on the plot, I've been decorating Boo's room and I've been festivalling last weekend!!

And i've also been driving mr husband mad, with my new hobby - the ukulele! 

I got this last year and have only just really shown an interest in it.  I've joined a local group that meets once a month, and to be honest, I'm really enjoying learning something new, so much so I'm getting a new uke for my birthday this year.

Anyway, back to the usual.

Martha hen is on the 15th day of her eggs today.  To be honest, I'm not entirely sure whats going to happen.  As you know there where 6 eggs under her and the night before I went to the festival, I decided to candle the eggs, thus dropping one on another - and cracking them! So then there were 4.

At about day 10 she seemed to get off the eggs maybe for about an hour they went really cold, so I thought maybe she'd given up, but then she got back on them and has been on them since.

This morning I went out and i gave her some scrambled egg and she had a little walk about and as she was off them, two of them are quite light in weight and a little warm the other two are quite dense and really warm.

I'm just leaving her to it and seeing how she gets on, come maybe day 25 if there is no show of chicks I'll take them out from underneath her and then decide what to do from there.

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