Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A new hobby!

I know what you're thinking two posts in as many days - what is going on! Well I'm having a lazy day and it's a good job mr husband loves me, because I have a new hobby and it's the main reason for my lazy day:


Now years and years ago when my lovely nana died I got (amongst other things) her crocheting needles, to be honest I'm not sure why, I can only think I pestered my granddad until he gave in on the basis of 'but i'm going to learn'  Well after nearly 12 years of picking up and putting those needles down.  I've finally picked them up for good! Now as I was saying in my previous post, with the big C fast approaching homemade Christmas presents are the way forward, and about a month ago I thought 'wouldnt it be great if I could crochet some hat and scarves for Christmas.  Turns out crocheting is harder then I thought it would ever be, and not only that a lefty learning from a load of right handed you tube tutorials - the air has been blue and the crochet needles have been thrown several times across the room, with the dogs running for cover and not getting speared!!!

But Monday night, was the night.  The night that I WAS REFUSING TO GIVE UP!  Refusing to move from newly designated sewing/craft area in the house (another post, for another time, but basically I've lived under the stairs like Harry Potter) and I would watch you tube videos until I got it - because if there's anything about me.  I hate not being able to do something (apart from quantam physics, you can keep that for me), and so that what I did.  I sat and watched and crocheted and watched and unravelled and started again and again and....... but I can proudly say I FINALLY got it, granted it wasnt good but I got it:

All the while feeling very jealous of Helen over at a country grandma who has been very patient with me.  Though we've never 'met' she has been very encouraging and convinced me never to give up!

So now,obviously I am a professional crocheter (you only have to look at the above picture to prove it!), the skies the limit with  presents?  Well no, but I am in the the process of making some lovely cushions for my friend for the big C.  And that where today's lazy day has come in:

What more do I need? A Brew (i'd like to tell you its good but, its not I make an awful brew) wool, needles and my lovely nana (in spirit) oh and in between the squares I've made crocheted 11 little hearts and made some pretty twine bunting:



  1. By jove she's got it!!! Well done Deb - love the heart bunting. Are those some more granny squares snuggling around that cup? They look fab! x

    1. Also the heart bunting, again its a matter of tension on some of them xx

  2. Yep they are Helen, but they are no surplus, the tension was wrong on them and they were a bit too baggy. I might use them as cup coasters though on my desk xx